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Homeopathy is probably the safest and most effective complementary medicine available today. It has been used successfully world-wide since the beginning of the 19th century.

I have been treating people with Homeopathy for fifteen years and the results are invaluble. As homeopathy looks at you as an individual I will ask you several questions which include your lifestyle, family history aswell as discuss your symptoms in depth. I offer you time to explain your symptoms and prescribe remedies based on the information.

I have treated most ailments over the years which have included working in a cancer clinic providing adults and children with support through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I also prescribe remedies and flower essences that encourage emotional strength and help the immune system during this demanding time.
I have assisted midwives through births and helped many women going through pregnancy both pre and post natal. Homeopathy can often help aid conception and related problems.

I offer support and supervision to students during their degree course.

For information or advice on homeopathy, please call me on 01923 253222 or email me at amanda@akhomeopathy.co.uk

Homeopathic Telephone Surgery

Call or email your prefered time from the list below, wait for confirmation then pay through paypal.

Monday- Friday 8.30am-10am 2-5pm 9-11pm
Saturday 10am-12noon

10 Minutes @ £15 or 30 Minutes @ £30
This price includes UK postage of homeopathic remedies but not flower essences.

Homeopathy can help with allergies, asthma and ezcema, most skin symptoms, stomach, bowel and bladder compaints, headaches and anxiety. Homeopathy will also improve chronic illnesses such as arthritis and ME and strengthen the immune system to fend off bacteria, viruses and stresses that are an inevitable part of life.

Homeopathy is suitable for everyone, even during pregnancy and can be safely used on newborn infants, the elderly as well as healthy individuals.

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